Since 1907, Irene has been hauling cargo around the British Isles.  She was initially built for the brisk and tile trade and operated between the West Country, Wales and Ireland.  With the rise of the diesel engine and the increasing size of commercial freighters, Irene became increasingly uncompetitive and in the 1950’s she was forced to look at new ways to earn her keep.

In more recent years, the rise of environmental awareness has presented new opportunities for Irene to be involved in cargo runs once more.  The availability of a truly ‘carbon neutral’ means of moving freight from port to port has led to businesses once again considering cargo under sail.  Instead of the brisk and tile commodities of earlier years, Irene is now moving luxury goods such as fine wines and olive oil.

This has presented outstanding marketing opportunities for the business concerned and both local and national coverage has been achieved by some of our clients.

Recent Cargo Trips:

Laithwaites Wine Merchants:  Cargo run to Bordeaux

Staff and clients of Laithwaites joined the crew of Irene to sail from Plymouth to Bordeaux where 9,000 bottles of fine wines were loaded into Irene’s hold.  The return trip to London allowed Irene to sail up the Thames to Tower Bridge for a press event and the unloading of the wine.

Acticle from Classic Boat

The New Dawn Traders:  Cargo run to Caribbean

This exciting company are promoting sustainable trade missions.  Irene worked with them on a trade trip to France, Spain and the Caribbean with a variety of cargos including wine, beer and olive oil.


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